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How to fix Windows Upgrade Error 0xc004f050, 0xC004C4A2, 0xC004C4A2

This error normally prompts if you have attempted to activate an activation key that does not match your current version of Windows. Firstly, please make sure the product key you purchased matches your current operating system.



For example, if your system is Windows 10 Professional and you purchased a lower version (i.e Windows 10 Home),or Windows 11 Professional and you purchased a lower version (i.e Windows 11 Home) in that case you will get this error and to fix this error you have to purchase correct version  product. However if you fail to do that then contact support ticket or live support chat .


However, if the operating system you installed is a lower version (i.e Windows 10 Home) and received any of the error codes above, please follow the upgrade steps below before attempting to activate the key.

How to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Professional

1. Turn off Wifi or disconnect your computer from the Internet

2. Right-click on the Action Center. (Alternatively, press the Start button, then Settings )

3. Choose All Settings.

4. Pick Update & Security.




5. Click Activation, then click on Change Product Key.



6. Enter the 25-digit upgrade key (not the activation key). You may use any of these free upgrade keys provided below:


  • TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99

If none of the keys work and you wish to try a different one, just let us know.



7. After successfully upgrading, you can now connect back to your Wifi or Internet.

8. After the upgrade installation has been finished it will prompt you that “Windows could not be activated”.

Now, you can enter the Windows 25-digit activation key we sent you.




If you issue still not solve yet then contact us our live support chat or support ticket .,

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